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Martine Pergent, Jose Drabwell report on a meeting in Casablanca

The 2nd National Conference for Primary Immunodefiencies took place on Saturday 27th June in Casablanca organised by Professor Aziz Bousfiha, President of the Moroccan Society for PID (MSPID). In attendance were doctors from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, as well as speakers from France and Germany. The number of young immunologists from Morocco was astonishing and bodes well for the future.

The morning sessions dealt with research projects into various conditions such as Brutons, Ataxia, and CGD, diagnosis and registries, with interesting approaches such as the important role of nutrition as well as the intestinal flora.

Martine gave a presentation about IRIS and the twinning with Morocco and Jose gave a Power Point presentation – kindly translated into French by Martine – about IPOPI’s role, its global objectives achievements and work in progress. Mrs. Bouchra Benhayoune, general secretary of Hajar, spoke about treatment and of course the first Bone Marrow Transplant which took place in Morocco with the assistance from Professor Mohamed Bejaoui and Professor Tarek Othmane from Tunis. Hajar (Moroccan NMO) pays for 1/3 of the immunoglobulin supplied to the patients. Blood/Plasma collected from Moroccan donors and fractionated by LFB and then returned as immunoglobulin at a good price. Martine and Jose then had a meeting with parents of children with a PID and Hajar‘s Mrs. Benhayoune. During this meeting the Director of the Hospital, Professor Mustapha Aboumaarouf joined the patients and announced that an opportunity exist for the establishment of a paediatric Bone Marrow Transplant unit if MSPID and Hajar are able to present a budgeted proposal by September.

The afternoon scientific session dealt with Bone Marrow Transplant, Vaccines and Neutropenia.


This was an excellent meeting with interesting approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

There is a great need for the development of a BMT clinic, as there are many very ill children waiting for a transplant with 15 very urgent cases awaiting treatment. To send a child to Paris for a BMT costs 240,000 euros, to treat a child locally cost 60,000 and to build a clinic cost 1,000,000 euros. Therefore it makes good economic sense to promote the establishment of a clinic.



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